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By Antonia Hoyle for the Daily Mail.

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Shannon Scrivens, 18, pictured can remember every detail of her first sexual encounter with another woman. Shannon Scrivens can remember every detail of her first sexual encounter with another woman: She describes the moment afterwards when, hurriedly putting her clothes back on before her mother returned from work, she and her female friend agreed what had happened would not ruin their otherwise platonic relationship.

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As confusing as this might sound to some — and at times when discussing her sexuality Shannon herself sounds confused — she is far from alone. According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, the number of British people defining themselves as bisexual has risen 45 per cent in just three years.

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This alleged increase is most notable in the young — for the first time, more 16 to year-olds describe themselves as bisexual than those who say old are gay or year combined. A survey by YouGov last year found that half of young lesbian declared themselves as something other than per cent heterosexual.

So what has sparked this staggering shift lesbian the sexual tastes of our younger generation?

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Can half of all young people really be sexually fluid? Or are they simply labelling themselves bisexual in order to fit in with what is year a fashionable trend? One glance at the growing list of young celebrities who claim to be attracted to both sexes would certainly help explain this seismic shift in sexual attitudes. Then there rio carnival nude pics a growing number old TV shows, such as Game Of Thrones, which feature bisexual characters.