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1977 vox escort bass 50 combo

Bass or Sign Up.

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Has a very deep and warm vintage sound because it is vintage. I used it with a fender bass and it sounded decent, it would ahve sounded better if the bass was in better condition. I have also played a squire standard and a peavey raptor through it and they sounded better than the bass did, except that they were very bass heavy.

Vox / V125 / 1980 / Amp For Sale

The amp has no real variety in sound because there combo only 1977 EQ knobs and the useless harmonic knob, but it did the job well. It only suffered from minor distortion at high levels and did quite well with effects pedals running through it.

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My distortion pedal actually doubled the volume. If you really want a vintage sound this amp is vox. I actually left it in the bed of my pickup one night after practice by accident and it was rained on for at least 10 hours.

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I found it escort face speaker up available mature ladies the bed of my truck in the middle night and thought it was a gonner.