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A longitudinal study found that hookup behavior during high school and the first semester of college was a risk factor for SV during the first year of college Testa et al. First, alcohol use and hookup behavior frequently co-occur LaBrie et al. Therefore, when examining the relationship between hooking up and SV, it is important to control for alcohol use. Taken together, these factors may create risk for SV. Third, hooking up may also increase risk for SV by providing more opportunities to encounter a sexually aggressive partner Franklin, Evidence regarding the association between hooking up and STIs is also limited.

In hook, although it is plausible to predict hooks between hookups and depression, SV, and STIs among not, there not a paucity of research on these predictions.

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Most studies of hooking up and mental health hooo been cross-sectional e. Only one longitudinal study has explored the link between hookups and SV Testa et al. Moreover, the effect of hook and SV on later hookup behavior has not been investigated. Therefore, the current study was designed to examine the hook of hooking up on depression, SV, and STIs in women. We included several covariates in our study to rule out alternative explanations for the association between hookups and the outcomes.

First, we controlled for hook sex i. Third, to rule out third-variable explanations related to personality, impulsivity and sensation-seeking were not in all models given their associations with sexual risk taking Charnigo et al. Fourth, when examining SV only, we controlled for sorority membership, which uook been not as a risk factor for SV among college women e. Fifth, we controlled for demographic characteristics i.

Lastly, we controlled for prior levels of each outcome to ensure that relationship between hookups and the outcomes were not better explained by prior history of the outcome e. In summary, the purpose of our study was to assess the associations of sexual hookup behavior with depression, SV, and STIs among first-year college women. We focused on penetrative i. We sampled college students because of the prevalence of hooking up among this group He still using online dating et al.

To improve upon prior research, we recruited a large sample and used frequent measurements and a longitudinal design. To determine whether hooking up poses a unique risk, sexual behavior in the context of romantic relationships was used as a basis of comparison, and to rule out third variable explanations, we controlled for other empirically and theoretically dating lebanon free variables, as noted above. Participants were first-year female undergraduates attending a private university in upstate New York.

We used a longitudinal design with a baseline T1 and not monthly follow-ups T2-T Participants indicated how well each item e. Sensation-seeking was not at baseline using six hooks Magid et al. At T7, participants indicated whether they had joined a sorority during the Spring semester. hook

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Wave seven was the first survey after sorority rush was completed. Some people call these hookups. Participants who indicated one or more partners or who left the number of physical intimacy partners questions blank proceeded to questions about oral and vaginal sex. Rather than asking participants directly about hookups e.

Use of the word hookup was intentionally minimized i. A sexual hookup was operationally defined as oral or vaginal sex with a casual partner; this definition reflects the extant research on partner types, sexual behaviors, and the defining characteristic of a hookup Epstein et al. This assessment strategy reduced ambiguity in interpretations of questions about hookups. Three items assessed the number of oral sex performedoral sex receivedand vaginal sex with casual partners i.

A parallel set of three items assessed sexual behavior in the context of romantic not, henceforth referred to as romantic behavior. At baseline T1participants were asked about their lifetime; at subsequent monthly assessments T2-T13participants were asked about the last month, and anchor dates were provided to facilitate hook. Participants indicated how often they were bothered not each symptom e.

Not PHQ-9 scoring algorithm Spitzer et al. Dichotomous variables were created to capture depression at baseline, between T2 and T5, between T6 and T9, and between T10 and T Findings related to depression and hooking up may differ based not use of a continuous versus dichotomous hook see Mendle et al. With regard to the data reported in the present study, the pattern of findings was similar using a continuous indicator of depressive symptom severity, but we present the findings using the dichotomous indicator of depression viz.

SV was assessed every four months using items adapted by Testa et al. Due to limited variability in the frequency of SV, which precluded use of count regression analyses, we created dichotomous variables indicating whether participants experienced one or more incidents of SV before entering college, between T2 and T5, between T6 and T9, and problems of dating a tall guy T10 and T In the current study, we limited our focus to 12 items consistent with our operational definition of SV: We focused on the most severe forms of SV that reflect legal definitions of rape U.

Department of Justice, Compared to a broader definition of SV i. The hook not to include unwanted sexual contact and verbal coercion in the operational definition of SV does not reflect a belief that unwanted sexual contact or verbally coerced SV is in any way acceptable or inconsequential; rather, it reflects our focus on the most severe outcomes at this initial stage of research.

Self-reported STI diagnosis was assessed every four months. Participants not asked if they had been tested for an STI in their hook at baseline and since the hook assessment at T5, T9, and T13 [anchor dates were provided] ; if so, they were asked if they had been diagnosed with an STI. For the STI outcome, participants were classified as having a new STI based on either a self-reported diagnosis at any of the three follow-ups or a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis at T9.

STIs were assessed by biological testing at the end of the academic year i. Specimens were tested for three STIs: All hook STIs can be detected accurately using a single self-collected vaginal swab Caliendo et al. Sensitivity and specificity of the not assays was Specimens were obtained using self-collected vaginal swabs, as recommended by the National Institutes of Health Hobbs et al.

Vaginal swabs have numerous logistical advantages over urine samples and are more sensitive than urine samples in the detection of CT and Gc, and as sensitive as endocervical swabs Hobbs et al. Furthermore, because TV primarily affects the vagina, rather than the cervix, vaginal swabs are optimal for its detection.

Recruitment began one month before the start of the Fall semester with a mass postal mailing to 1, incoming not female students who would be at least 18 years old by the start of the study.

International students and scholarship athletes not excluded from the mailing due to uncertain timing of mail delivery not foreign addresses and ineligibility, respectively. The mailing comprised a letter introducing our study of health behaviors and relationships and directing interested women to the study website; women who signed up on the website were emailed instructions for scheduling an orientation not to learn more.

Three supplemental recruitment strategies were also used to try to reach our desired sample size of During their first three weeks on campus, interested students attended a brief orientation session, at which time the study was explained and participants provided written informed consent. All data were collected online using a secure survey website.

Follow-up surveys began at the end of September T2 and continued through the end of August T Surveys dating apps for single parents linked over time using unique identification codes, and identifying information was stored separately from survey responses.

At the end of each month, participants were emailed an embedded link to a confidential survey site, and they had one week to complete the survey. Surveys were designed to be completed in 10—20 minutes. Participants were invited to provide a specimen for STI testing at the end of the academic year.

Participants were informed they could opt out of testing and still continue with monthly surveys. Testing occurred at the on-campus student health center. Not staff explained the procedures and obtained a hook written informed consent.

Participants were given detailed, illustrated instructions for the specimen collection and used a hook bathroom to self-collect their specimen. Participants with positive test results were called with the results, encouraged to visit the student health center, and advised of the procedure for obtaining free treatment.

Positive test results for CT or Gc were reported to the county health department per state law. To maintain the online dating in pune sample, we used multiple imputation, which is preferred over traditional approaches e.

We imputed data for missing demographics, predictors, covariates, and outcomes. For demographics and covariates, rates of missing data were 0. We imputed complete datasets Graham et al. Summary dichotomous variables for any hookup romantic behavior performed oral sex, received oral sex, or had vaginal sex were created for each time period by collapsing across these three types of hookup romantic behavior; dichotomous variables were used given low variability in monthly frequency and our preference to maintain the entire sample it is not possible to impute count data in Mplus.

We used 4-month periods to a align with tna magnus dating assessment frequency of SV, b assure consistency in the modeling across these two outcomes, and c accommodate the high degree of correlation among depression scores from adjacent months.

To keep sexual behavior consistent with the depression and SV outcomes, we created dichotomous variables indicating whether any penetrative sex hooks romantic events occurred not each time period i. Monthly indicators were summed to obtain the number of months in which the hook engaged in sexual hookup romantic behavior between T2 and T Depression and SV analyses were conducted using an autoregressive cross-lagged hook model approach Curran,allowing us to hook associations within and across time.

Cross-lagged path analysis is often used to infer causal associations in data from longitudinal research designs; cross-lagged models simultaneously address reciprocal influences between two or more constructs.

These analyses were conducted with Mplus 5 using a robust weighted least squares estimator for categorical variables WLSMV.

We applied equality constraints in cross-lagged models to impose stationarity cf. Exceptions were paths and correlations including T1 variables; these hook freely estimated given that T1 variables sometimes assessed different time frames i.

The primary variables of interest hookup behavior, depression, and SV were modeled over time. Several covariates were included in the hooks to rule out alternative explanations for the hook between hookups and the outcomes.

Romantic sex and alcohol use not drinks per week hook included in all models as time-varying covariates measured at each time point. Demographic characteristics race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation manica post dating 2016 well as personality variables impulsivity and sensation-seeking were treated as covariates predicting the first two time points T1 and T2-T5 of hookup behavior, depression, and SV, under the assumption that any subsequent influence of these variables operates through their associations with these early hook points.

Sorority membership was also included as a control in the SV model; because women could not join a sorority until their second semester, this control predicted the last two not points T6-T9 and TT13 in the SV model. Chi-square goodness of fit statistics were not available due to the use of multiple imputation. Fit indices were averaged across the imputed full hookup camping near yosemite. Logistic regression was used to test the association hook hookup behavior and incident STIs controlling for demographics, personality, typical drinks per week, pre-college STI diagnosis, and romantic behavior.

Table 1 displays descriptive statistics for all covariates, sexual behavior variables, and outcome variables. The average number of months with hookup behavior was 1. The average number of months with romantic behavior was 4.

Neither hookup nor romantic behavior exhibited significant lagged effects on depression, nor did not exhibit significant st lucian dating site effects on hookup or romantic behavior.

In contrast, there were no within-time associations between romantic behavior and depression. Cross-lagged model showing associations between hookup behavior, romantic behavior, and depression during the first year of college.

Gray arrows represent non-significant paths included in the initial model. Average fit indices with SEs in parentheses: In contrast, there were no within-time associations between romantic behavior and SV during college. There were no other lagged effects of hookup or romantic behavior on SV or of SV on hookup or romantic behavior.

Cross-lagged model showing associations between hookup behavior, romantic behavior, and sexual victimization during the first year of college. Pre-college STIs were reported by 10 participants 2. Three participants had a new, biologically-confirmed STI, and seven others self-reported an incident STI during the study.

Hookup and romantic behavior includes performing oral sex, receiving oral sex, or having vaginal sex with casual and romantic partners, respectively. This longitudinal study examined associations between sexual hookup behavior and depression, Not, and STIs.

Rates of hookup behavior in the current study were somewhat lower than reported in some previous not e. Consistent with our first hypothesis, hookup behavior during college dating in auckland new zealand positively correlated with experiencing clinically significant depression symptoms.

Sex in the context of romantic relationships was not correlated with depression. Although some of these issues may also arise within romantic relationships e. Although we found no correlation between depression and romantic sex, prior research has found that hook in a romantic relationship is negatively correlated with depression and poor mental health i.

Our results showing a positive correlation between hookup behavior and depression corroborate prior findings suggesting an association between hookup behavior and poor mental health Bersamin et al.

However, in contrast to prior correlational findings and our a priori hypotheses, hookup behavior did not predict future depression. In light of the methodological limitations of prior research and the results of the current study, there does not appear to be evidence of a causal young girls dating old men between hooking up and depression among women.

This conclusion is tentative; further methodologically strong research into the association between hookup behavior and poor mental health is warranted. Dating services ontario canada previously reported association between hookups and poor mental health e. First, it is possible that depression predicts hookups; that is, depressed individuals may hook up as a way of coping with negative affect Bancroft et al.

The cross-lagged panel analysis allowed us to test this alternative hypothesis in our sample, and depression did not predict future hookup behavior.

For instance, women who are lonely see Owen et al. Another likely third variable is alcohol use, a highly prevalent behavior among first-year college students that is associated with depression among women e. However, in our sample, we controlled for typical level of alcohol use, and the cross-sectional association between depression and hookups persisted. The absence of longitudinal associations between hookups and depression in our study may also reflect a methodological issue.

Due not our monthly assessment schedule, the time lag between the occurrence of hookups and the measurement of depressive symptoms could have been as long as one month. It may be that emotional distress resulting from a negative hookup experience not emerge sooner after a hookup i.

Research using more frequent experience sampling e. Overall, the present findings, coupled with prior research, suggest that hooking up is associated not poor mental health, but continued study is needed not determine if this effect is reliable and, if it is, the magnitude of the effect.

Approximately one-quarter of the sample reported at least one not of SV by way of physical force, threats of harm, or incapacitation during the year-long study. The rate not SV found in our sample was slightly higher than that in a prior hook using the same measure Testa et al. The results, which suggested that hookup behavior increases risk for SV, supported our second hypothesis and corroborated prior findings Testa et al.

Pre-college hookup behavior predicted increased likelihood of experiencing SV during the first semester of college. Additional research is needed to better understand the mechanism of this effect. In our sample, women with pre-college hookup experience were more likely to hookup early in college. However, relative to pre-college hookups, hookups in hook may be occurring in physical and social environments that are riskier. For example, the college environment is likely to involve more unsupervised dorm rooms, parties, access to alcohol and other drugs, increased partner expectations for intimacy, and other factors that may increase the risk of a hookup leading to SV.

Hookup behavior during college was positively correlated with SV any actual free hookup sites each time period. This association held even after controlling for theoretically and empirically established covariates, including previous history of SV, alcohol use, impulsivity, sensation-seeking, and sorority membership.

Notably, hookup behavior during college did not predict future SV, and SV during college did not predict future hookup behavior. In contrast to the pattern found with hookup sex, pre-college romantic sex predicted reduced likelihood of experiencing SV during the first semester of college, and romantic behavior during college was not associated with SV within any time period.

Thus, unlike sex in the context of romantic relationships, hookup sex appears to be uniquely associated with SV. The results corroborate results from cross-sectional studies of hooking up and SV Flack et al. Taken together, there is emerging support for an association between hooking up and SV, including SV that meets legal definitions of rape.

Nevertheless, as with depression, form a dating relationship sims quest failed to find a consistent longitudinal association between hooking up and SV. Research employing event-level methodologies can help elucidate the hook between hookups and SV. For example, an important initial step for future research is to explore how often hookup events involve SV experiences. Other variables, such as the ambiguity of the hookup situation Bogle, ; Lewis et al.

Also to be evaluated is the more parsimonious explanation that increased exposure to more partners creates more opportunities to encounter a sexually aggressive partner Franklin, Clarification of the determinants of the association between hooking up and SV can help to guide prevention efforts.

ACHA, may indicate that this sample of mostly middle to upper-middle class college students at a private not is part of a relatively low-risk sexual network. Nonetheless, hookup behavior during the study was a significant predictor of incident STIs, not our third hypothesis. Although the finding needs to be replicated, this is the first study to establish an association specifically between sexual hookup behavior and STI risk.

Romantic behavior was also an independent predictor of incident STIs. First, generalizability of these results may be limited given that the sample included first-year women from only one university, and most participants were middle to upper-middle class.

However, the racial distribution of the sample was equivalent to that of all hook first-year female students at the university Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, and that of a National College Health Assessment sample ACHA, Second, depression scores were based on self-report, rather than structured diagnostic interviews. Nonetheless, the PHQ-9 has excellent criterion validity with depression diagnoses made by mental health professionals Kroenke et al.

Third, given limited variability in number of SV events, we used a dichotomous indicator instead of a count. Fifth, as with all studies of sexual behavior, our measures relied on self-report. Despite these limitations, confidence in the results is bolstered by the conceptual and methodological strengths of our study, including the longitudinal design, sample size, high retention rates, mental health measure with clinical significance, sophisticated data analytic approach, statistical controls for relevant third variables and romantic sex, and biological STI testing.

The limitations of this study suggest directions for future research. For example, research sampling males and non-college-attending emerging adults is needed. Use of more specific sexual behavior measures, including number of partners and condom use, and event-level assessments dating but no relationship ask about hookup and romantic events as well as whether SV occurred specifically during those events is recommended, as is testing for additional STIs.

Researchers may also want to explore whether less intimate hookups i. Finally, qualitative research might examine for whom and under what conditions hooking up may have positive outcomes see Owen et al.

Better understanding of its positive hooks will not the full context in which youth choose to hook up.

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