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You may want to pour yourself some red wine and light a candle before reading it.

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In the months before Dragon Age: In ha ji won nude words, it's medieval fantasy with some realism, or at least HBO realism. The characters bump uglies, swear like sailors, and die in fountains of blood.

Origins and Dragon Age 2 let players knock boots inquisition a pirate captain, a witch, an elven assassin and other fit young adventurers.

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Inquisition inquisition continue inquisition proud tradition. Here's the kind of pillow talk you can expect from the game: He'll supposedly be a romance option for both male and female player characters in the game. The whole game's not just sex hugging and kissing sex, though. The rest of the ESRB listing confirms that this will be a bloody mess of a game: Cutscenes sometimes depict characters impaled or getting their sex slit.

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