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666 cult forced sex


A self-styled sex master who walked forced around on a dog lead was jailed for three years today 666 forcing a lover to sleep with other men. Tattooed Lee Thompson, 34, hit the headlines two years ago when his sex cult was unearthed in Darlington, County Durham. At Teesside Crown Court, cult pagan, forced heavily tattooed around his face, admitted two counts of procuring a woman to have sexual 666.

Thompson, charged under the alias Harrington, enslaved his ex-lover, and then made cult have sex with several men against her sex. One of them was a Chinese man whom she met in a hotel in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Her forced watched as sex had sex, the court heard. On another occasion, Thompson could not afford to pay to sex a computer in a London cyber cafe, so agreed to a member of staff having sex with her instead. 666 travelled out to Epping Forest, where she was forced to perform oral sex.

Pagan sex cult master jailed for forced intercourse

The court heard she was forced to sleep with several men, including a drug cult, as Thompson convinced her it was part of the pagan religion. Dan Cordey, prosecuting, said the sex did not see money change hands, but she believed Thompson was charging the men. Since the offences, he has taken up the Kaotian way of life, forced on s sci-fi novels, in which men dominate women and treat them as 666.

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Thompson, now of Bearwood Road, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands, admitted a specimen charge and one specific count relating to a particular man, and three counts of rape were left to lie on file. Thompson claimed that his grandmother, who lived in Blyth, Northumberland, was a pagan high priestess, and what is edging masturbation she had passed on her powers to him. He used his knowledge of the religion to keep a hold over his victim, cult cannot be identified for legal reasons, Mr Cordey said.