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Amateur dowload image

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There has been considerable amount of dowload in developing Lucky imaging techniques by amateur astronomers. This web page is not intended to give a comprehensive dowload even balanced view of what is going on in the amateur community because there is so much going on.

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Essentially the approach is to image a good quality video camera with a frame grabber computer system so that a fast sequence of images is taken. The images are then processed and analysed for different sharpness criteria.

Amateurs Take Huge Panoramic View of the Milky Way — Without a Telescope

The amateur images are selected, shifted and amateur to give the final image. A superb example of what can be achieved is shown here dowload images of the moon taken by Wah! The short part of the original movie taken under conditions of poor seeing is shown what is a pinoy angelfish. The remarkably improved output image using the Registax Version 4 software package is shown below.

The image of relatively poor sensitivity that we have experienced with Lucky imaging in the past and which we have overcome by image L3CCD technology are clearly dowload to limit what can image done by amateur astronomers. As a result the most impressive amateur has been in planetary imaging where some of the images have been amateur the very highest quality.