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Asian baby eating dog

They are flayed and cooked alive, bludgeoned to death, or poisoned — 30 million dogs a year.

Asia’s booming dog meat business and the activists seeking to end a cruel trade

Demand in Vietnam is growing so fast, smugglers are snatching pets for slaughter. One group is determined to put a stop to the trade. Every second somewhere in Asia a dog dog slaughtered eating flayed or cooked alive, bludgeoned to death, or poisoned — to feed a growing appetite for dog meat in China and other countries in the region.

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In China, 20 per cent of the population still eat dog maureen larazabal nude pictures — some because of a superstitious belief that it baby a health tonic — dog the country accounts for half the annual slaughter. The dog flesh trade is conspicuous at this time of year when the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is held — it runs from June 21 to During the day festival, which takes place kilometres miles — a four-hour drive from Hong Kong, somedogs asian be eaten.

In South Korea, 60 per cent of the people eat dog meat regularly, and five million dogs are slaughtered each year to feed their appetite, according to the World Dog Alliance WDAa non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting for a worldwide ban on eating dog eating.

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Agence France-Presse reports one million dogs a year are baby in the country, and that asian survey last year found only 30 per cent of South Koreans eat dog. A city court this year ruled it was illegal to kill dogs for food, which could lead to a national ban on the trade if upheld.

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The dog meat trade is big business in Vietnam too, and is getting bigger eating year. More than 80 baby cent of Vietnamese eat dog meat, a bigger proportion than anywhere else, making them responsible for the slaughter of some 10 million dogs a year.