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Baby choking on saliva reflux in infants

My Baby Coughs & Seems to Choke on Saliva During Sleep |

Maybe you could prop her up for a while after each feeding. What has her baby said about it? Personally, it would scare the heck out of me. Liquid should not choke her in the same way that a solid would, eventually the windpipe clears it, reflux it is still very scary.

Myths and Facts About SIDS and Safe Infant Sleep

Mine does this a lot and has turned red a few times but never blue. Choking often does your LO do this? Does she have reflux? You might want to ask your ped about thickening the formula which is what infants do a lot for reflux babies with this problem.

Choking on saliva at night? - June Babies | Forums | What to Expect

I agree with Bonnie - my son did it as well, but not constantly. Could it be reflux? Also, now that my son is teething, he's got a ton of drool going on.

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He "chokes" on that saliva the time. I think it is more than he can swallow at times. Coughs, eyes water, hot nude indian babes he's done. Could that be the case??

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