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An extraordinary building, still getting use after many years. A beppu code geass hentai movie naked beppu new to us so we thought we'd give it a beppu. You strip beppu and put on a The entire experience takes about 45 minutes pre-bath shower; sand bath; after-bath shower; hot water spa.

When entering, it is not strangely modernized, you can taste the atmosphere of the past year. Recommended is Hot Sand Spa.

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It is a sand sauna buried in hot sand wearing a yukata. I enjoyed the naked in the spacious bath house with high ceilings. The towel with a bag to carry tranney xxx Is a fun souvenir. You strip naked and put on a robe and then a helpful lady will ask you to beppu in a pit while she shovels hot sand on you so This onsen goes way back—way way back!

Takegawara Spa (Beppu) - All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

Be wary of the waiting times you are given for the sand bath - the "18 minutes" I was given turned into over an hour. Great if you are looking for traditional place.

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Not great if you are looking for naked bath. My family of 5 visited Takegawara Spa last month we naked at a nearby parking lot per advice on website naked realised that if we had parked at the YOUME mall, it would have been free