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Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker deny leaked orgy snaps led to them quitting city life

Former Sydney socialites Geoff Baker bardot Bessie Bardot endured a public backlash after graphic pictures of them engaging in a bisexual orgy were leaked online in But the pair, who are still pictures married, pictures Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday that the pornographic snaps have nothing to do with their unusual nomadic lifestyle that sees them travelling the world and living out of a van with their six-year-old daughter, BlueBelle.

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Bessie Bardot nude

Geoff Baker and Bessie Bardot told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday that the backlash from their leaked bessie snaps in have nothing to do with their nomadic lifestyle of living bessie a white van with their daughter BlueBelle, pictures. Blast from the past: Geoff, 47, said san francisco nude men infamous pictures of the naked pair entwined with three women and another man caused Bessie, 40, great upset and damaged her reputation as nude charity worker.

She had gone to Iraq to support the troops, so the pictures really damaged all the bessie work she was doing. Despite nude numerous magazine spreads, including many nude, Geoff says bardot 'never considered herself a model, let alone a Playboy bardot.