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Brown discharge after orgasim early pregnancy

Orgasm induced spotting???

So I had a couple of orgasms today no penetration and after the second early I started having brown seemed like a lot of brown discharge. I've heard that brown means it's old blood and that the orgasms could have just jostled it out, but it's making me very anxious.

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Has anyone else had this kind of bleeding after an orgasm without penetration? I called my doctor and was told that brown isn't a cause for concern, but if it get heavier, turns red, or Orgasim start cramping pregnancy I should come in.

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I'm still feeling pretty anxious though and was hoping posting here would calm my nerves a bit. Has anyone else had after after an orgasm?? I'm 12 weeks now but jimmy barnes naked brown blood at 5w3d.

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It lasted for 12 hours or so but stopped after that. As long as you've no major cramping discharge red blood you should be ok.

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I had spotting this week with no cramping, just a little but of brown blood like you, called the dr and went in. My dr said it wasn't normal to spot this late I'm 14 weeks into pregnancy.

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He did an ultra sound and discovered I have blood clots and that I have placenta previa. Now I'm on bed rest for two weeks.