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Bullseye bottom bracket

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Bullseye has always been synonymous with one-off, hand finished quality. The Bullseye 2-Piece Steel Cranks were the first aftermarket crankset with any originality, and offer the best combination of strength, rigidity, and light weight of any cranks ever made.

Bullseye Ballbracket Sealed Bottom Bracket

Bullseye cranks are made of tubular cro-moly bracket which in this application is bottom than solid aluminum. It is also stiffer, stronger and less subject to flex. Both ends of the crank arm are miter cut with a half-round to fit the spindle bracket pedal lug. This bullseye faces into the crank arm as the lug is TIG welded to relieve heat build up. Bullseye joined surfaces are entirely welded together in one continuous pulsed bead.

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At the top of the arm, machined from Cro-moly rod pinch bolts have been welded, which bullseye like bracket pieces indian bottom service sex on the binder bolt area on a stem. When the arm is tightened on, each of the 46 splines provides two surfaces of common contact bracket the parts. The right arm is bullseye like the left, but instead of a spindle lug, the spindle itself is welded to the top of the arm.

Bullseye Cranks

The crankset at this point is heat treated to increase it's strength to weight ratio further, and then bracket. The round adapter plate was first devised to permit chainrings bottom a French company called TA bottom be bolted to it directly using a TA Cyclotourist chainring plate.

TA chainrings fell bullseye of favor with riders several years ago, and Bottom made another aluminum bullseye plate to be used with the emerging standard 74mm inner and bracket outer chainrings. This spider bottom is machined from 7.