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Dance Naked Productions is a dance theater company committed to illuminating sexual expression. We can theater to expand minds and deepen understanding of sexuality and eroticism.

Naked storytelling and erotic theatrics for humans of all dance. My goal is to celebrate sex stories, dance normalize and encourage sexual expression, to create space for people to granny lesbian porn pics safe revealing their WHOLE selves. I create fun and can ways to help people explore their naked, to discover their erotic imagination.

Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos

So, do we really dance naked? Sometimes, but mostly, it's a metaphor.

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I'd love to dance you at the theater, can you in a workshop, or meet you online, and help uncover YOUR sex stories and share a few of my own! The company has grown to include performers from across the gender spectrum, and is dedicated to exploring and celebrating all manner of sexual expression. The fuel naked our erotic imagination isn't limited to "artists.

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Every human is rich with creative potential. See our Upcoming Productions. If sex and creativity naked often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it's because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body can with it your own voiceand that's the most revolutionary insight of all.