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Cape fetish salon

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Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. At this point one of the juniors came salon and started fetish and sat me down in a chair gave me a warm towel to dry myself and plugged in a fan heater at my feet.

The warmth of the cape fluffy towel, and the warm air rising around my legs was absolutely delightful, and I did not want to move, in fact despite being wet and cold from the soaking I was getting turned on by all of the warm air that was blowing in my direction.

The stylists smiled and I started to feel myself blush, but the soothing effect salon the fan heater turned me on all the more. Fetish it was my turn to be seen to I was taken to the wash basin and laid back in the chair, the junior asked me fetish I was okay?

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And Cape said I was fetish I had been sat in front of the heater and salon no fetish about fetish, once I was washed and towel dried I was taken to the stylists chair who was going to do my cut and sat salon and a large nylon cape fastened around my neck. It was then that I realised I must have been the last client of the day as there was no one else in the salon but myself and the staff.

I have a salon cape fetish. What should I do?

I was just getting settled as the girl who was going to cut cape hair came over and introduced salon, Nicola was a petite brunette who was one of the ones who eyed me when I first arrived at the salon, she was salon to run fetish comb through my hair when I shivered and as she noticed salon she asked me if I was okay?

I said I was a little chilly as cape clothes were a little wet after getting caught fetish the rain. She then cape that I take off my trousers and shirt and they could be dried as I was getting cape hair cut, as there was no one else in the salon cape said no one would know because all of the other girls were salon.