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In which Amanda participates in a test involving anal stimulation and an octopus. Please note that dialog in quotations is from Amanda, dialog in Italics is from Brianna.

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The thumbnail was made by Machino Henmaru, you can find this particular picture here: Any and all comments and suggestions are appreciated! Posted by 9kirby99 1 year ago.

Posted by AlisaBlueBird 1 year ago. Yes, it's quite nice isn't it? It's by the artist Machino Henmaru.

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Most of anal work he does is to me very disturbing, but he has done a few series of vorish things. Posted by paperairplaneclip 1 year ago. Posted by Fuchsdrache 1 year ago. Posted by vore 1 year ago. Posted by thevoremorpher07 1 year ago. As I said above, the picture is by Machino Henmaru.

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