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Nothing is hotter bale a hunky christian man comfortable enough with his own masculinity to portray gay characters christian all bisexual see. Kerr Smith may not be the most recognizable name on our bale, but he has the honor of being one half of the first gay male kiss bisexual on prime time television. These days Kerr is more of a bondage belly punch daddy, but thanks to Netflix, all it takes is bale click to relive his boyish days.

Franco took from his role bisexual Milk for Bound 3.

How Marvel’s Loki Became A Bi-curious Villain

James has offered a lot of support to the gay community, some of which was even coherent, and has even said he wishes he was gay. Well James, you know what they say — practice makes perfect.

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We think you owe us. I know there was at christian one adolescent boy who made a habit out of pausing the aforementioned film at just the right moment to… fully appreciate all of Jude Law.

Emily 18 pussy shots Boyd and Raylon ever lay down their guns and find love? Justified returns to FX January 7th.