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Canadian singer Coeur de Pirate aka Béatrice Martin leaked nude

We have put together evidence that demonstrates Annaliese Nielsen knowingly produced child pornography in Child pornography is defined, both in America and Canada, as erotic material depicting someone under the age of This young woman is at the center of the matter.

And by younger, we mean as a minor.

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Here are the facts we have. These photos were hosted on GodsGirls.

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Annaliese Nielsen denies any knowledge of Martin or her photos. From these facts, we can draw one of two conclusions.

Cœur de pirate

One is that Annaliese Nielsen knowingly hosted child pornography. The other is that Annaliese Nielsen willfully pirate regulations which, in the eyes of nude law, is coeur to knowingly hosting child pornography.

Facts 1 and 4 are readily available information.