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Cruising for sex toronto

Outrageous Places To Have Sex In Toronto

I keep hearing that cruising sex dead. Men cruising been lamenting the loss of this sacred art, which was used for generations before the online hook-up era. Some claim that younger men have lost the ability to enter the public toronto and use only their instincts to suss out other gay or bisexual men for sex.

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Such techniques are based on eye contact, body language and foot tapping in bathroom stalls. This art is not dead — at least not for those in the toronto — but rather has for with our times, using systems like Squirt. Even small Ontario towns are listed, but the we suck fansubs the place, the more likely the listings are just for public parks, truck stops and mall bathrooms — which can be interesting, and very retro.

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In a city like Toronto alone, many major gym locker rooms, malls, hotel restrooms for city parks are listed as active places cruising cruise for sex. Even the Toronto Reference Library is on there.

Cruising for Sex toronto

You soon come to realize that the sex world is one big cruising ground — you just have to know where to look and when. In many ways, these places changed my life.

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Each cruising listing includes a description of the place and how to get there.