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Get your mind out of the gutter! First, lemme tell ya about Californication. And what a return it is. Duchovny stars as Hank Moody, a middle-aged writer who seems to have hit rock bottom. He's also still in love with his duchovny played by the beautiful Natascha McElhoneabove with Duchovnythe mother of their already partying year-old daughter.

David Duchovny, 54, goes shirtless in swim trunks in Malibu amid X Files return

Hank is self-medicating his misery with lots of booze and countless one-night stands. Even Duchovny gets a bum deal. And that's a good thing for fans of the year-old hunkster, because not long into the first episode, he shows off his nude naked tush. And speaking of naked men, Kevin Nealon and Andy Milder drop their pants in the Weeds season premiere. The after-party photos Boulevard3 paid homage to Californication david near-naked bikini-clad models spanked superheroines

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