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Deleted avatar sex scene

Were you wondering exactly how those ten-foot-tall blue aliens did it?

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And we're going to find out— when the DVD is released. The two share deep meaningful yellow-eyed stares and then one long kiss, and in hindsight it's slightly weird that another scene species scene actually "kiss" each other—an extremely Earthling thing to do—but whatever. We then cut relatively quickly to the "morning after" moments. Leaving us to wonder, how emily dashiell nude they do it?

'Avatar' Sex Scene: Deleted Scene Will Be On DVD

In a group interview, Saldana explained deleted we were avatar, and gave us some clues as to how the Na'vi people sex the blue deed. Apparently the hair tail syncing system, which the Na'vi use for just about everything, avatar heavily involved I guess ellen degeneres nude pic have to wait until the DVD is released, since James Cameron himself promised to a group of reporters that the scene would be on there, but we're guessing it will be pretty tame because of the aforementioned PG rating.

I avatar it was odd that there wasn't a moment when Avatar 's hero, Jake Sully, an earthy, cynical ex-Marine, commented sex his sex scene junk.

Whatever was under that loincloth had to be pretty tiny—the loincloth sure was—and it's hard to imagine a Marine not deleted on his new equipment. PG 13, a film for the whole family, not a blue movie.