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Do birds have a penis

Penises are weird all across have animal kingdom, but bird penises take the cake for being strange. Do birds have penises? Some birds in the same family, the ratites for example, have developed penises that are completely different from each other.

Scientists Discover the Genetic Reason Why Birds Don’t Have Penises

Some bird penises are uniquely birds unlike any other bird. Take the duck penis, for example, which resembles a corkscrew. Some don't have penises at all.

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Penis of the 10, species nude girls changing room bird, about 3 percent have penises.

Some of the types that don't: Here's a crazy fact: A group of obscure South American galliformes called cracids have penises despite being related to the chicken, which lacks male genitals. Scientists are trying to determine how and why a cracid regrew their penises while chickens don't.

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