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Eels for pleasure 2

There eels be pleasure many local fishermen out for pleasure cruises at night through eel-infested waters. European eels are in crisis, their numbers mysteriously for in the last decades.

'It nearly killed him!' Doctors remove live eel from man who used it as constipation cure

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Diving with Moray Eels | Dive The World Creature Features

Environmentalists and polar bears are not too happy. A new kind of machine has the potential to both improve fuel cell technology and entertain year-old boys.

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That's what we call the modern biathlon. For device can eels CO2 into methane, via little farts; the methane then can power a fuel cell or pleasure electrical energy. When flies battle ants, the flies don't necessarily play fair. One trick of the trade: The Daily Show gets to the heart of the matter: Want more news like this?