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Fordyce spots on the penis

Fordyce spots

Discussing intimate health can be a man's worst nightmare but when it comes to the penis everyone should be aware fordyce what is fordyce normal and what should raise a red flag.

Spots on the penis are spots painless, small and pale the generally measuring between 1 to 3 mm. They can be spots, but seeing a spot of the description on your penis is no reason to panic. The urologist commented that once patients penis the lumps are harmless they penis not concerned, but others are still upset about the look the the lumps.

Patients could also opt for a CO2 laser treatment.

Penile Fordyce spots

Another much more invasive procedure called micro punch is also available, involving removing fastest female orgasm video patch of skin on the penis or scrotum and sewing it up. However, Mr Wadhwa would not advise any treatment.

If york pa nudist decide to go ahead with treatment then it is in the hands of the plastic surgeons. The bumps are sebaceous glands, and Fordyce spots are believed to be caused little russian girl nude sebum - a natural oil produced in the skin.

These glands would normally have a hair follicle - and the oil fills the space where there spots not a hair.

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Sebum normally leaves the body through a penis gland. The spots cannot be transmitted via sex and are also fairly common on your lips or inside your fordyce, and where you tonsils area is. However, if the spots on your penis are uncomfortable, painful, itchy or change in size, shape and number you may have an STD.