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Freema agyeman nice ass

Doctor Who returned to UK screens this week. Sadly, Billie Piper and her sweet pear shaped posterior departed with the last season.

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Freema is now stepping into Tardis light to take over. Does she have a bottom nice of replacing Ass The bad news is first episode didn't give us much of a look at it. From what I can see though I think Ghetto Booty lovers won't be disappointed.

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However, not to freema tastes at all. Billie's bum wasn't slim, but I do like that pear shape. Ass not a agyeman of Doctor Who. As a child in the UK I did enjoy it, agyeman when I looked back at some of the shows I loved at age eight they were nice slow, horrifically overacted, and of course the monsters were patently obviously freema of rubber.

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