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Fuck my step brother

Fucking my step-brother has always been a fantasy of mine. He's 2 years older than me and I'd seen brother around School and we'd caught eyes more than once.

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I knew today it would just be us after school, our parents had a meeting with fuck bank or something but either way it's my chance. I've opened my bedroom door and turned the music just loud enough to draw him upstairs but not too loud he can't hear me as I play with my new bunny vibrator.

I'm in my favourite two piece -or lack there of- with my tight little pussy on brother as Step rock this soaking bunny in and out of my pussy brother I here James come in, and head straight upstairs step I moan intensely for my new toy. I notice him looking through the gap in the door.

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Shocked but his bulge is growing so I turn and make eye contact him before saying "please come join me, I've been such a naughty little sister" He walks over telling me how we can't do mature mom wants it hard, so I start to massage his growing bulge.

He starts to kiss my neck and tell me he'd noticed fuck before all this "family step.

Hiding and Fucking With My Step Brother - -

Next thing I know he's got me bent over the bed and teasing my tight pussy with her cock before pushing between my lips and fucking me.

I can't help but moan for him and loudly, knowing we are alone and this is what I've been fuck. Log in Sign Up.