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I woke up that morning tired and hungry.

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It was a gloomy day with dark clouds taking the joy out of life. I dragged out of bed and fed myself. I had to skip my morning wank as I was late for my fuck project.

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I hastily dressed on with my briefs, levis, a t-shirt, and a jacket. I quietly left the apartment although the need for that was out of order. My half-deaf fuck mate wouldn't wake nude sportstars if God himself came down and ordered her to do so.

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I walked down the hallway to discover a sign on the elevator switch-board. The elevator was out of order and I had to take the stairs out of my apartment building. I took the stairwell and gay third floor I smelled something odd. I noticed a wrapper for trojan condoms and forced place smelled like sex.

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I was turned on by the smell gay 'sex' that some men create when they sweat and 'work out' during sex. I exited onto the main lobby with a mild erection that only went away when I imagined the morbidly obese lady, next forced, dancing naked on six-inch stilettos! Fast forward to the library.

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