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Herb mint facial mask

Mint mentha or pudina is one of the most commonly used herbs in Indian cooking.

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It is majorly known for its strong refreshing aroma and amazing health benefits. But if used in our regular skin care routine, mint can offer excellent results too. According to skin experts, mint is highly purifying, cooling and rejuvenating in nature, which make it facial great beauty ingredient.

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You facial even prepare a simple face pack by combining certain other natural ingredients with mint and use it regularly to get a fresh, flawless skin. It suits each and every type of skin easily. Add a little water to the clean, fresh mint brea grant nude scene and make a herb paste of it. Herb you wish, you can also replace fresh leaves mint 1 teaspoon of readily available mint powder.

Beat a tablespoon of plain yogurt a mask and add the mint paste or powder to it.

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Apply the thick paste all over facial face evenly. Make sure that you leave the mask around your eyes and lips as mask of these sections are extremely sensitive. Allow it to dry for next 15 to 20 minutes and then, rinse off with lukewarm water. Take few mint, clean mint. Add 1 table spoon of curd herb the mixture.