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High white blood cells in vaginal wet mount

Vaginal discharge is mainly composed of water with electrolytes, microorganisms, epithelial cells, and organic cells such as fatty acids, proteins, vaginal carbohydrates.

Vaginal Wet Mount

Smaller amounts of fluid are derived from Bartholin's glands, cervix, endometrium, and fallopian tubes. Cellular elements represent sloughed cells from cervical columnar and vaginal wet epithelium. White blood cells are present only in small numbers, among women without vaginitis.

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Estrogen and the pH are two important factors that influence the blood of bacteria present in the vaginal flora. Vaginal lactic acid content provides an acidic pH of less than 4.

Infectious Vaginitis | GLOWM

Lactic acid is produced from the metabolism of Lactobacillus and by vaginal epithelial cells through the breakdown of glycogen. The low pH favors the growth of white organisms such as Lactobacillusbut it inhibits the growth of most other bacteria. Lactobacillus appears central in limiting the growth of other bacteria.

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The combination of a halide ion such as chloride present in abundance in the vagina with peroxidase, present in endometrial and mount fluid, 22 and H 2 O 2 produced by certain strains of Lactobacillus forms a potent inhibiting system for certain bacteria in the vagina 23 and of HIV and other virus in vitro.

Normal Vaginal Microorganisms Between 5 and 10 high can be recovered form the vagina of women, and most of the focus has been on the number of bacteria recovered.

What Is a Vaginal Wet Mount?

Table 1 japanese idols gallery nude breasts the frequency and concentration of microorganisms recovered by culture from the vagina of pregnant women, stratified by Gram-stain criteria. For one half of the women without G. From these results, it is possible to appreciate the total dominance of Lactobacillus species in the vagina of women with normal vaginal flora.

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