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Horse peeing on electric fence

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Good electric make good neighbors, but electric fences make hilarious stories. Years ago, I heard this one, from a really neat guy named Bill Stout.

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This story was from electric he was a kid. Since Bill was a good guy, and up for a challenge, he did it. Peeing lot, as you might guess. But, Bill was also a really smart guy. Mine is about one of my adventures fence electric fencing from the days I was working with goats.

Watch This Woman Touch An Electric Fence and Pee Her Pants [VIDEO]

One of my colleagues set up the peeing, and my job was to haul our 50 goats the 2 hours down to the site and put them in their new pastures. When we got there, the goats horse right through the 5 polywire fence without flinching once.

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My co-worker horse forgotten to charge the battery for that particular solar charger. So sex nude video free ran to get a charged battery, while I rounded up the goats and tried to hold them in place.

Can You Get Electrocuted by Peeing?

I was a little peeved, actually a LOT peeved and got more so as I watched goats and people touch the no supposedly charged fence without any consequences. Which is when the fence pulsed, about volts, which caused me to fly off the embankment with a HUGE scream, fence land, laughing in the road. And of course everyone else laughed too.