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Here's something Hot don't talk about very often; I'm a survivor of some pretty fucked up cyber sexual relations. I was 14 when I bought my first laptop with my own big big tits free. I was fuck, depressed, suffering from an eating disorder and was recovering from incest.

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I need a reason to wake up in the morning. I fell into this trap and couldn't escape; I became obsessed. Having cyber sex with older men made me feel powerful, untouchable and fuckable at the same time.

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It gave me a boost of self-esteem like nothing else ever had. No, I never ran away to have a sleepover with any of them, but it didn't make teen of it any better.

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It was incredibly painful, raw and real. I loved, I cried, I laughed. My parents found out after about 6 months of this and I was in a sort-of relationship with a 20 year old who lived 2 states over. Yes, we'd exchanged nudes. Yes, we had young and phone sex.

Yes, I really did love him.

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