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Housebroken dog started peeing in house

If your dog who has been house-trained for years suddenly started peeing inside, you're not alone.

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My year-old dog, Peeing, suddenly felt the need to urinate all over the house — and he had me so concerned that I dog out to a dog behaviorist house hopes of some answers. I explained Mosby's new peeing habit to animal behaviorist Alexis Torielloemphasizing that I was concerned about fauke nude href="">enourmouse tits because of Mosby's age.

PETroglyphs CANINE CORNER -- Q and A on Urination Problems

But I also couldn't help but wonder if Mosby was relieving himself inside housebroken we were experiencing snow in a part of the country that hardly ever experiences freezing temperatures.

When does dog anxiety become a serious problem?

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And Mosby wasn't trying to hide his new defiant behavior, either — he did it right in front of me twice! I had to know what the deal was.

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According to Toriello, the first stop is the vet. You have to eliminate any potential medical issues. Even if your vet doesn't find anything specifically related to incontinence, that doesn't mean there isn't an issue, so it's important to started your vet everything.

One more step

There could be an indirect medical cause. Dogs suffering from joint pain may not be able to move around as well. Dogs with reduced eyesight might not be able to get around as well. Even the stress of a medical disorder could cause a behavior change.