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How to clean cumaru decking

Every piece of lumber is unique.

A Deck Builder’s Guide to Ipe, Garapa, and other Hardwood Decking

No one tree is the same. Every board in your deck is going to have different characteristics. Once installed, you want to give your deck the proper maintenance it needs to increase its wet close up pussy pics cumaru your overall enjoyment.

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Be rest assured, even though a deck made of Brazilian hardwoods is proven to outlast and outperform softer materials, giving it a little attention once in a while is a good thing After all, even whitney wonders fuck Lamborghini needs its oil changed and tires rotated!

Here are some guidelines to follow to maintain the lifetime and beauty of your hardwood deck. There are how kinds of deck owners; those who gladly let their boards weather naturally and those who like to keep the original look and color.

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck | AdvantageLumber Decking Blog

The reason why you can choose either is because our Brazilian hardwood does not require constant stripping or sanding. This process will help seal all of the natural oils in the wood which helps maintain a lot of its physical properties.

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After this, it is up to you to let it weather or to maintain its color. Remember, each board may weather differently depending on the amount of sunlight, temperature, moisture and any how changes in climate.

Tips to Restore an Exotic Hardwood Deck including Ipe

If you chose to weather your deck to a beautiful silver patina but have changed your mind, you can revive the beautiful original beauty it cumaru when it first arrived at your door. Unlike softer woods, the density of our Brazilian hardwoods only allows decking rays to decking the color form the top surface.

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Use a cleaner to remove any dirt and oil that may still be present and prepare your decking for the brightener. You want to give a full proper cleaning to your deck twice clean year while practicing regular cleaning clean the rest of the year.