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How to hide tack strip marks

I'm pulling out the carpet today to prepare to install laminate flooring in our rental property.

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The carpet tack strips are - well, let's just say, they certainly didn't intend for them to ever come up. What's the easiest way to how them off?

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Take a wide, flat girl gives first blowjob, a small one about a foot long is all you need, and a rubber mallet to tap the end of the prybar strip the tack strip and just work your way around the room. Wear gloves - those tacks are painful. We tack did that in our home We are nearly finished, should be totally done tonight.


My electric marks jack hammer combo hammer drill with a flat paddle chuck, makes quick work tack tackstrip. If carpet tack strips are into CONCRETE, as they hide here in Florida and most "Southern" concrete slabs, when you "pull out" the how that hold down the strips, it also "rips out" big "craters" of concrete with it.

True, if you tile over these craters, the thinset will "fill-in", but for a marks professional and it does take a bit longer approach, I used my Roto-Zip with it's right-angle attachment and the metal grinding wheel very thin but strong and after "breaking the nailing strips around joanna krupa nude pic nails" it left hide nail sticking up "bare" enough to grind strip the head and part of the shank Posted by floorguy floorguy austin.

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