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I wish i was a lesbian

Sometimes she says it sitting across from me in a coffee shop.

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Sometimes she sends it via text message. Sometimes it's uttered over a teary post-breakup phone call, and it's a different friend, but my response is fairly consistent: For a long time my gut reaction was to be on the defensive: What does she mean she "wishes" she were a lesbian?

Wainwright Loudon - I Wish I Was A Lesbian Lyrics

We're in a struggle for equality for respect and safety. Just because we share clothes and paint each other's wish doesn't mean our relationship is perfect.

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We understand each other. It's a fall back to the old stereotypes, the old rules of the world, and a fading society's definitions of people, was us not on our insides but on our genitals, the lost universe canal hentai of how we're supposed to act, feel and respond to one another based on sex and gender.

It's outdated, antiquated and safe.