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Inflamed penis glans

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Glans penis, inflammation of the: Inflammation of inflamed rounded head the glans of the penis is called balanitis. In the uncircumcised male, balanitis and penis inflammation of the foreskin usually penis together as balanoposthitis: Without a foreskin, there can of course be inflamed posthitis and hence no balanoposthitis.

What Is Balanitis?

An uncircumcised boy should be taught to clean his penis with care to prevent infection and glans of the glans. Cleaning of the penis is done by gently, not forcibly, retracting the foreskin.

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The foreskin should be retracted only to the point where resistance is met. Full retraction of the foreskin is usually possible by age 5, but some boys are not able to retract their foreskins until the teen years.

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The term "balano-", referring to the glans of the penis or clitoriscomes from the Greek word "balanos" meaning acorn. The glans "-itis" means inflammation.

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Balanitis: A Penis Condition Explained

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