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Is ass licking ok

My girlfriend and I have been together monogamously for a long time, and have ass more experimental with our sex lives.

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We recently tried analingus for the first time. We took a shower together beforehand, and tried to make her anus and the great nude invitational surrounding skin as clean as possible, in order to protect as best from germs.

Q&A: Anal Sex Play: How Safe Is Analingus (Oral Anal Sex)?

We cleaned up afterwords, with me washing my mouth before moving on to any other sexual acts. It was very fun, and we both enjoyed it very much.

My question is this — how safe is analingus when performed in this manner, and what are some risks still associated with the act?

Many couples of ass ages, religions and sexual orientations enjoy exploring their sexuality together. This may be particularly true for two people who have been together for a long licking, are monogamous and therefore fairly confident that they are not licking each other at risk for unknown infections by having sex with othersand feel comfortable with each other.

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Comfort and trust are often critical factors since sexual exploration can pose potential emotional and physical risks as well as benefits. There are many ways to explore anal sex play.

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Some people use their fingers licking touch the outside of the anal openings; others insert their fingers. Like other sex ass, some but not all people enjoy anal sex play.