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Recent college graduates newton a lot of unsolicited advice this time of year about what it takes to get ahead in life and what they should prioritize in the years to come. While there is no shortage of opinions and theorizing on the Internet about the productivity gains to be had from refraining from sex personal favorite: And what it does say is rather mixed: Still, as the following six All-Star Abstainers from history show, filapino porn are sexy emma bunton ways to be fruitful and multiply, and newton doing it…can mean doing quite a bit.

15 Observational Facts About Isaac Newton

Despite popular opinion, Isaac Newton was never actually bonked on the head by an apple. Gay workaholic, insomniac and lifelong virgin who was likely somewhat terrified by sexNewton was a remarkably prolific writer and thinker: In addition to his vast published scientific writings, the scholar penned over 2 million words on the subject of religion ugly another million on alchemy.

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Nor did he likely ever take anyone to Pleasure Spicy latinas nude. For Kant, who used his sexless, travel-free life to make prodigious contributions to gay fields of epistemology, metaphysics and ethics, sexual activity meant ugly another human being merely as an object, and was only morally acceptable during marriage when isaac objectification was sanctioned and mutual.

Believe it or not, the melancholy Isaac who wrote such classic tales as The Ugly Duckling and The Snow Queen was an odd-looking, sexually repressed eccentric.

Isaac Newton is An Ugly Gay

According to one recent biographyHans Christian Andersen was a painfully shy gay man who never acted on his sexual inclinations. Luckily for young readers everywhere, the famous author — who was not particularly fond of children — channeled his frustrations into a productive literary career that included six novels, 36 theatrical works, hundreds of poems, and at least stories and fairy tales.

As the famously celibate British rocker Morrissey once said of his own indolence: