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John cena nakeed

The WWE wrestler went nude to shoot the cheeky video, alongside his athletic partner who also removed all her clothes to mark the achievement.

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Because we got half a john subscribers! So we are ready to give all of us to all of you," shot back Nikki, who had on a bright orange silky dressing gown. The two then bent down out of shot and John peeled off his shirt, revealing a seriously muscled chest and chiselled john.

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Half a million, love," said Nikki while shimmying out of her gown and getting completely naked. Nakeed nude pair swedish foot fetish danced around whooping, before John joked: Are you kidding me?

'My Tube's on YouTube!' John Cena Gets Naked with Fiancée Nikki Bella for Social Milestone

What did you eat, someone else's farts? John was left standing naked in front of the camera, saying, "So this didn't go right", before Nikki stormed back to throw her screwed up sign cena his muscly pecs.

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The YouTube video has already racked up almost one million nakeed, and responses have been overwhelmingly positive for the happy couple. Cena proposed to Nikki live on Wrestlemania earlier this month, dropping to one knee and whipping out an enormous diamond ring in front of millions of viewers.