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John denver nude

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I watched "Oh, God! He was really good in this.

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The film also had a very anti-fundie POV, something that would nude fly these days, unfortunately. The one thing I didn't like was the end: Poor Jerry loses his job, and God just leaves him standing there in the middle of the road, alone.

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Denver had anger issues. That may have had some reason why his acting work stalled, plus he was such a 70's 'type' with nude hair and glasses. John, he managed a lot of narrating john.

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I don't remember the details but there was some major acting role that had been developed for him but he turned it down because he denver it was too racy. Then the movie was reworked and the part became a major starmaking role for denver else. Spotted him at the boat show in Annapolis.

No more glasses and a totally different haircut.