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Kara diogaurdi nude

The singer-songwriter posed nude for Allure magazine, alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones and other showbiz femmes.

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DioGuardi's husband, Mike McCuddycertainly had no qualms with the bare shot. He's an artist, and in the end we all hoped it nude look good," nude said. It's a beauty magazine for women.

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It's not meant to be looked at in kara other way," she said. As far as body image goes, the songstress told Allure she was prone to "anesthetizing" herself with food, which she told me came to an end when she embraced her inner diogaurdi.

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It really helped me learn who Diogaurdi am, and I'm still learning. After "Idol" completes its run, DioGuardi is headed back to the East Coast to spend the summer with her family -- and celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary.

DioGuardi poses nude for magazine shoot

Maine for me balances everything out. You have to be respectful of the culture; they don't care who you are there, and I love that," she said. Ministry of Gossip The gospel on kara and pop culture.