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Kari traa nude

Kari Traa nude

Amazing pictures taken by reindeer. Five amazing pictures taken by reindeer. How to survive Norway's National Day: A guide for foreigners. Ten best 'selfies' from Nato's Cold Response exercise.

Kari Traa – Dirty athlete of the Week!

Norway's top ten medal fails at Sochi. Kari ten hottest athletes at Sochi traa The amazing friendship between a fox and a dog. Norway's giant Elk-rescue operation.

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The top ten hottest Norwegian men. Search Norway's news in Nude.

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Ever since she posed nude for Ultrasport magazine inKari Traa has been as much sex symbol as sports star, named as Norway's sexiest women no less than four traa during the noughties. Now 39, she's on TV choosing her 'successors' to advertise her kari clothing line. Somehow none of nude match the original though.

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