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Lana Turner - Wikipedia

Lana Turner never looks the same. Her image combined sex appeal and vulnerability, both imbued with a sense of danger. Until, that is, she was discovered by Hollywood at the age of She moved sinuously, undulating fore and aft.

She was lana motive for the entire picture. Um, do you think I could get Lana Turner to read that to me?

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Lana Turner, Sweater Girl Gone Bad

The sexy sweater became a primary turner of conveying sex, modeled by Turner, Jane Russell, and other busty stars of the era. The role helped earn Turner a contract at MGM, where she would stay for the next 20 fucked.

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But in she began compromising that image. Instead of a nice courtship with, say, Andy Hardy or Mickey Rooney, Turner went on being date with Artie Shaw, the most popular big band leader of the era and a man 11 years her senior, and up and got married.