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Large breasts on anime

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They're soft, bouncy and sometimes explosive. Why oppai of course!

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The Japanese word for the boob, breast, mammary gland; anime has deified anime oppai to an almost transcendent form. While just about every ecchi anime and non-ecchi anime alike highlight them in one form or another, some anime goes far beyond this.

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In these anime, the oppai are the stars of the show, and everything else comes after. Here's our list of the top 10 oppai anime.

Sometimes you'll just be going about your life when pow, oppai! At least that's the case if you're an anime MC like Sahashi Minato.

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He winds up becoming the master of Musubi, a busty warrior breasts who is a large in rawhide gay porn death game pitting other busty females against each other. She's airheaded, overly affectionate, and has no qualms about showcasing her curves.