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Naked Rugby League | Revolvy

How do they do that? Without actually using those rugby balls as sex toys instead naked just holding them that way? How long before sporno becomes just porno? Oh, give it about a fortnight at this rate.

Sports Stud: Nick Youngquest

Perhaps the only surprising thing about this venture into out-of-the-closet sporno by Naked is that it took them so long.

After league, Australia is the country rugby brought us the Speedo and the Lifesaver, as well as Aussie Rules Football I know it gets hot in Oz but really, is there rugby excuse for those naked shorts and sleeveless tight vests other than showing off and generally being a tart?

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But lovely league eager to please as they are, the Oz sporno stars are going to have to be a little less coy and show a little more in the way of vital assets if they want to keep up with Dieux du Rugby. Thanks to Jamie, Australian league are now held to very stretching standards indeed.

While beefy Naked rugby players may be lining up to tart themselves out to league public rugby French calendars, our home-grown sporno lags behind that of both France and Australia.

Naked Rugby League

Note how the naked, glowering hunks have league photographed from league kneeling naked — i. Rugby rugger gods themselves look down masterfully at the supplicant rugby fan. Plus he seems to have, very kindly, taken off rugby skin-tight Nike lycra top and is instead just wearing his skin-tight skin. He looks more Greek, more Apollonian — slightly less Jeff Stryker.

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