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Lesbos in bath

The Thermal Springs and Baths of Lesvos

Although Neptune the god of sea dowered Lesvos with cold sea-water,Hephaestus the god of fire and volcanos donated 5! The baths are easily accessible by car.

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None of them are sulphide,so you can enjoy your bath without the characteristic odor. Lesbos baths are not quite advertised.

You will have to approach enough to the area of each one,to find the signs. In the outskirts of Polihnitos a lesbos in the southern part of game hentai sex island.

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From the center of the village take the direction to Vatera. In m you will find the brown sign for the baths. In a dry scenery you lesbos enjoy the hottest thermal spring in Europe: You can choose between the pools one for men,one for women with water temperature about 45 Bath the private bath lutiras where you can bath the spring water with cold water. Very well-kept and recently renovated bath. You can also enjoy a massage therapy. There is a small beauty shop-mostly based in the famous Lesvian soap.

Finally,there is a nice cafe.

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