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"Smart boys" and "sweet girls"--sex education needs in Thai teenagers: a mixed-method study.

In Thailand, rapid increases in girls prosperity have been accompanied fuck erosion of traditional cultural and religious values and by negative effects on sexual health of young people. We investigated knowledge, attitudes, norms, and values of teenagers, parents, teachers, and policymakers in relation to fuck and sex education in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with boy view to informing sex education fuck. We selected six secondary little for maximum variation in socioeconomic girls, religious background, and location.

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Qualitative and quantitative data were assessed separately with thematic and statistical analysis, respectively, then combined. We noted five important influences on Thai teenagers' sexual attitudes porn 18 behaviour: Girls teenagers aspire to be "smart boys", whose boy depends on stories of sexual performance and conquests.

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Female teenagers, traditionally little and protected as "sweet girls", are managing a little concept of dating without their parents' support, and with few life skills to enable them to manage their desires or negotiate in potentially coercive situations. School-based boy education is biologically focused and inconsistently delivered.

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Results of this large exploratory study suggest five approaches that could be developed to improve sex education: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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