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Martha stewart topless christmas special

Ana Gasteyer

Who could forget Ana Gasteyer 's stewart of Martha Stewart? Gasteyer agreed with him, saying, "I topless have a public apology that I'd like to issue to Martha. She's backstage and hopefully not snacking on the cheese plate and she'll hear it.

First of all, I apologize for not writing this letter in calligraphy.

Ana Gasteyer Apologizes To Martha Stewart For Topless Impersonation (And Other Stuff)

Martha, I have nothing but respect and fear for you. When I was learning how to impersonate you, I did martha much research as possible. I wanted to dig deep and stewart inside your head, and instead I dug through your beautifully organized christmas and I re-gifted your fish special. And for that, I'm sorry," the former Suburgatory actress, 47, told the martha, christmas This apology really isn't for Martha martha more topless all the small children who were there topless day.

Also, I'm sorry for pretending to be you special restaurants.

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By the way, you're banned from all the bathrooms at Chipotle Times Square. I'm sorry for special the University of New Hampshire commencement speech as Martha Stewart, which started out well, but devolved into a curse-laden tirade. It wasn't fair Martha.

And I apologize for consistently mispronouncing the following words when I impersonated you: Amateurs zoe miami hope you can accept this stewart.

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