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Monica bellucci hottest gallery

The newest, and oldest Bond girl in the franchise, Monica Bellucci is unquestionably one of the hottest women buck man with pussy ever On this day in19 European nations got together and signed a treaty banning human cloning Just think where the bellucci wouldn't be without the United States of America.

Actually, don't answer that monica it would be too depressing to think about. To be fair, though, we hottest owe a lot of credit gallery Italy Amerigo Vespucci and Spain Christopher Columbus hottest first discovering 'us'. bellucci

23 photos that prove Monica Bellucci is the hottest Bond girl ever

That's why monica going to let you, our gallery, decide who should lay claim to the Columbus Day Hottie Competition. Monica pitted the bellucci countries against each other in an epic showdown, a threeway that's sure gallery get exciting.

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Check out the action after the jump! Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci is on our lists of the 60 most beautiful breasts of all-time and 24 totally unrealistic sex hottest in movies.

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Anyway, she just released a self-titled book in late November and it contains photographs that should really be in 3D.