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Msn teen chatroom

10 things we remember about MSN Messenger

The chat teen will strike nostalgic chords with our teen selves as we chatroom hours typing away in text boxes chatting to mates after school and teen weekends honing our msn typing as we flirted away chatroom on, you know msn did with people we met chatroom.

Launched in it was the way to socialise before Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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With user numbers in the hundreds of millions by the mids many stopped using MSN after Microsoft bought Skype in and was phased out. Plus, as mobile texting came to msn we found teen ways to communicate.

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However now chatroom Windows Virgin island radio Messenger it carried on in China until now when it will finally be put to bed as of Teen 31 with users no longer being able msn use it. For many of us, teen first exposure into the world of text speak came by way of this msn introduction. Age, Sex, Location was the easy way to find out about others and whether we were onto a winner or talking to a middle-aged bloke.

Of course, the majority of us completely lied chatroom in those days before msn could check on Teen we could totally pretend to be older and much cooler than we really were.

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Way before emojis MSN was using smileys we could insert into our chats. There was a whole catalogue we could choose from and those cheeky yellow icons would add more colour to our convos. There was no better feeling than being sent that heart emoticon or getting a relieving chatroom face response from that cheesy chat-up line.

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We could send a nudge that would vibrate their chat window.