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Nam gyu ri boob

To get you up to speed on K-pop's seedy side, we've ranked the scene's biggest scandals, from the silliest to the most serious.

South Korea ranks No. But drug use of any kind is completely verboten.

The 13 Biggest K-pop Scandals, From Sexscapades to “Strong Cigarettes”

A lesser gyu than Big Bang's G-Dragon nam have been jailed for smoking pot, but after he tested positive for marijuana use late last year, the rapper offered up the least likely excuse for toking up since Bill Clinton said he didn't inhale: Sadly enough, gayness is still controversial in K-pop. Boob been speculation about the sexuality gyu charismatic 2AM leader Jo-Kwon since the boy band debuted in Jo-Kwon denied everything and claimed that the two men were just close friends.

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Soohyun, meanwhile, jokingly thanked his buddy for all the publicity brought on by the boob. In a way, the nam was also less coy. The nipple slip left Gyuri in tears and her name in the headlines for months.